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About Us

It all starts with our personal stories during University right? Well for us it did. We always were extremely curious as a group with how business works.. especially not coming from a business background. We thought to ourselves, maybe it's not for us or maybe we should try a few years down the track. 

Then I personally stepped away from Uni for about 2 years to venture out and see what the world is about and where I can see myself fit into it. I soon came to realise that it's not a business that I should be thinking of starting but a problem I should be fixing. Life takes on crazy twists and turns but somewhere in the middle your routines and self-care gets thrown all over the place. I never saw skincare particularly being an important part of my life until I started to suffer from acne. For me, it took a year of trial and error before I came to adopting a solid routine.

As we progressed through the years I slowly learnt the skill behind building a business and more importantly building a community. Now, this same routine that I adopted is used by thousands of individuals. However, thats not what I am proud of. 

Hue of Skin is not just a brand but also grounds for a community. We support our youth in our communities, donate and educate. Follow our journey and trust in good will.


- Hue of Skin Crew



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